Window Treatments Curtains Track System 12 foot. IR Remote control

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Remote control curtain track system.  




 Easy Installation: Compact and lightweight for simple ceiling or wall installation

 Smooth and Quiet Operation: Motor uses a direct drive belt that enables quiet operation 

 Home Automation Interfacing: Can be easily integrated with home automation systems 

 No need to Program: Advanced electronics eliminate the need for manual limit setting. Automatic memory will slow down the curtains before it reach the limits, on each end to prevent noisy cut off. 

 Easy operations: Curtains can be open manually by pulling or pushing gently, will automatically activate motor to open or close without using remote control.

 Draw Options: One-way draw or Split draw

 Motor Position: Left or Right

We can make custom sizes inch by inch perfectly fit. 

Call us 1800 328 1424 or 954 575 8565

We make curtains and motor system as per customer specification.

Heavy duty curtain & track also available for big stage or theater.


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